Officers and Govenors

harbor chart

OFFICERS (October 2018 – October 2019):

  • Larry Sweazy, Commodore.
  • Neil Donnenfeld, Vice Commodore
  • Rob Smith, Rear Commodore
  • Andy Laband, Treasurer
  • Judy Dawes, Secretary
  • Bill Sullivan, (Past Commodore)


  • Tom O’Shea
  • Dan Morgan
  • Tom Maguire
  • John Ingalls

Committee Chairs and Function Managers:

  • House Committee: Tom Maguire
  • Bar Manager: Art Duffy
  • Bar Committee: Art Duffy, Andy Laband, Bob Sharp, Neil Donnenfeld, John Ingalls
  • Budget Committee: Andy Laband, Neil Donnenfeld, Tom O’Shea
  • Launch Committee: Mattie “Mooring Guy” Antonello
  • Manager All Club Activities, Events: Rob Smith
  • Special Member Functions/Cookouts Manager: Mike Hartmann
  • Functions Room Rental Manager: Esther Tibbetts
  • Sailing Committee: Ulf Westhoven & Bill Sullivan
  • Communications: Facebook, Web: Larry Sweazy, Tom O’Shea, Neil Donnenfeld
  • Fundraiser Chairman: Neil Donnenfeld
  • Social Events/Speakers: Neil Donnenfeld
  • Kitchen Committee: Chairman:  Bob Struzziero, John Ingalls, Mike Tracy, Bob Sharp
  • Membership Committee: Tom Maguire, Tom O’Shea, Dan Morgan
  • Adjunct Membership Committee: Rick Wood, Josh & Sandra Field, Jordan Clopton

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